Monday, June 07, 2004

Bringing PC's to Work

I have mixed feelings about this subject. There are pros and cons to every situation, and this one definently has some. This will also vary for the job situation. As an educator, I feel as though it may be beneficial, but I would not use it all day. Not in the second grade. There are many other hands on activities that need to occur; more personal interaction.

Several people already feel as though they cannot live without their PC's. They use them at work, home, and during free time. It is their way to the world. Their jobs are dependent on them. At this point, I wonder what they do when they get a virus or it crashes? Are they completely lost? I would think so. I am lost without my watch or my phone. I think more and more companies will be leaning more and more toward PC's at the workplace. I also think more schools might. However, there are a lot of legal issues that would evolve.

I really feel as though it should be up to the school districts to provide the technology that the staff and students need. Do I need my own PC's to do my job? NO! Even if I had something personal on my on PC that was not on the school network, I don't need to be working on it at school. That is the time I need to focus on my students, not my other interest. The students do not need to be able to go anywhere on the internet. There are too many things that the students need to be blocked out of. There are many times a person types something completely innocent and ends up with a not so innocent page. If they had their own PC's, then it would be much harder for the teachers to control this.

I think that the question is, "How would PC's affect the school?". If they were allowed then I think the school would already be technology based. All the students would be computer literate and the teachers would be their technology person when something goes wrong. This is of course at my grade level. However in high school and college, the students are able to take more responsibility for their actions. They know more about computers and how to use them. There may be more email communication between students and their peers, then verbal communication. For some this might be a good thing. For others it will not be. I think the IT jobs will still be there. Technology advances quicker than most people can keep up. I may be skilled in one area, but not in another.

It is hard to say how I think it will be because their are so many what if's. I really can't say I agree with it. Many people do not have the money to buy their own PC. I live in a very poor area. Most of my students cannot afford lunch, much less a computer. I would have to say that if the school districts required it of us, they would have to buy everyone their own PC. Then again, in ten years I may have to show my 2nd graders what pencil and paper like.

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