Thursday, June 03, 2004

ch. 1 #12

Question #12- Can you calculate the exact square root of 2,570 without a calculator? Does the calculator make you smarter? Is the calculator intelligent?

Answer- I might be able to calculate the square root of 2,570 without a calculator. That is if I set down and struggle for at least 30 minutes. Would I use a calulator? Most definitely! The calculator does not make me smarter. It aids me in finding the answer faster. Now, if I were a mathematician (which I am not)than I may be able to find the answer without any trouble. The only thing that makes me smarter is the willingness to learn. Is the calculator intelligent? No. The person who invented them may very well be. Calculators can only do what they are told. To be intelligent, it would have to be able to think and solve problems through on its own.


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