Thursday, June 03, 2004

Ch. 1 Question #10

Question #10- Can you learn to cook merely from watching cooking shows on television? What meaning do you make from the experiences that you observe? Will the experience that you have when you prepare a dish be the same as that of the television chef? How will it be different?

Answer- No, you cannot learn to cook by merely watching cooking shows on television. I believe you can get ideas on how to cook the recipe. If it is one your a little familiar with, you might see some changes that could be made. The chef may give the observer tips on how to better prepare. However, until you actually do it, you will not learn. It is amazing to me how a person can think they know how to do something until they actually try to do it. Most of the time people realize they don't know as much as they thought. So, will the experience be the same for me as it was for the chef. No again. Not only will it not be the same for me and the chef, it will not be the same for me if I try to cook the same thing a few days later. For starters, the chef knows exactly what he/she is doing and has probable done it several times. It will be my first few times to try it. Also, there are many variable around the home that the chef does not have to deal with and vice-versa. At home you may have kids running around, the phone ringing, someone at the door. There are several interruptions that could occur that will not occur on t.v. In a studio, the chef has cameras, several people running around and a director dictating when to begin and when to stop. The biggest difference is the amount of experiences the chef has and how much I have.


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