Monday, June 07, 2004

Future of Education #2

Technology has changed so much in the last few years and it will continue to change. We as educators will also need to grow and change with the technology. I feel as though the school districts will be ready before the teachers are. On the same level, the students are already ready for the technology world.

Several teachers are still scared of technology. I believe this is because they lack the experience and skill necessary to teach the students. Most students are more computer literate than their teachers, even in the primary grade levels. Another reason I feel teachers will have a hard time with it is time in itself. I have heard several comments on how they don't have time to teach everything they need to, how can they incorporate something new into their schedule. What they are not understanding is that this isn't something new. Computers can and will aid in what the students are learning. Computers give the students opportunities they never had before.

I made the comment that school districts will be ready before the teachers. By this I mean that the districts will provide the technology before the teachers are willing to use it. One thing the school districts will have to do is provide teachers with the skills and experiences necessary to make the teachers feel comfortable using the computers. I have been in several schools in which there are several types of technology available. However, only a few teachers take advantage of the opportunity.

What does this all mean? It means that school districts and all the are involved will have to jump on the bandwagon. School districts will have to encourage the teachers and provide opportunities for the teachers to use the equipment. They are going to have to stop being scared and move on with the future.

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Blogger kelly wurst said...

I agree that technology is changing much faster than we as educators can keep up with it, unless we make a conscious effort to plan for it and prepare ourselves. A lot of the future of technology in the classroom will not only be affected by the knowledge and ability of the students, but the willingness of teachers to accept it. I know several teachers who are afraid of computers so much that they are hesitant to even turn the computer on without reassurance. Hopefully someone will be able to be there for these teachers to encourage them. The in-service time required for technology training just isn't enough to get them over their intimidation when it comes to technology.

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