Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Help With the Keyboard

I have such a hard time not take control of the keyboard when someone is having trouble. It is easier for me to say, "Go play around on it and figure it out". That's the way I learned, and I have a hard time understanding why people are afraid to do that. As a am saying this, I am thinking to myself how much I don't know about computers and how much help I still need.

I realize from the article, "How to help someone use a computer", that I need to be a lot more patient. That the learner needs to know they have support, but that I am not going to take over for them. I need to let them do more explaining and me do more listening. At least when we begin. What I am trying to say is that I need to let them explain what they want to do and then tell them how to do it. Not show them, but guide them along the computer. I also have a tendency to just say yes or no. I need to explain to them why something works or doesn't work.

Overall, this article really opened my eyes about helping others. I don't think that I was being much of a help in the past. Now I know how to help.


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