Thursday, June 03, 2004

Laura- Ch. 1 Question 1

Question #1- If learners cannot know what the teacher knows because they do not share a common knowledge and experience base, how can we be certain that students learn important things? For instance, if you want to teach students about the dangers of certain chemical reactions in the lab, how do we exsure that learners know and undersatnd those important lessons?

Answer- There are many times that students do not care about what the teacher is teaching. There are two important things the teacher must do. First, the teacher has to find something that relates the lesson to the student. Second, it has to be fun. In the example above I believe there are safe ways that truely shows what happens in two chemical interact. The teacher can do science experiments and then faciliate the students in doing them. It would at least get their attention. The computer is a wonderful resource that grabs students attention. There are videos the students can watch. These will all give the students experience in the subject. The main thing is to make it enjoyable for the students.


Blogger Herb said...

drivel.. students wont know what teachers know or they wouldn't be being taught, nice phrasing though...

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