Monday, June 14, 2004

Library Wi-Fi

I have never owned a lap-top, so I really don't know how they work. I know many hotels have internet connections so that businessmen can hook up their lap-tops. I also know that as I walk around different college campuses, I see people using their lap-tops without wires. I didn't know that that wasn't normal. I guess it is normal for those who know about it.

My question is, "where can I not go and use a lap-top?" If I were to buy one I would want the luxury to use it wherever I am. If I can't do that, then why not buy a regular computer or a palm? I am not completely sold on lap-tops, but I do think that it is neat to be able to work wherever a person feels like working.

I never really thought about using the internet to reserve books in the library. In the article, Pretty as a Picture, they did just that. However, I think the reason that I never really thought about it is because it seems so obvious. I enroll in classes, check my schedule, communicate with teachers and peers, and check my financial status over the internet. Why couldn't I reserve a book over the internet? I think that people will open up more over the internet then in person. That librarian and the patron discussed likes and dislikes without any problem. If that patron would have went into the library, they might not have talked at all.

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