Monday, June 14, 2004

Printer Ink

I have always known that ink is expensive. I also know, as do the corporations that sell it, that when I need ink, I need ink. It doesn't matter how much it cost, when a person has to use their printer they have to pay the high price. Its a compatibles world out their and this article, Liquid Gold, makes it sound like the big companies were getting scared of the little guys. I would use off-brand ink if it were cheaper. I buy what I can afford. What worries me is the thought of the prices if we do get low on ink. Can that happen? I can't help but think of gas prices and how they have sky-rocketed.

I also aggravates me to learn about that chip. If I buy a cartridge of ink, then I want to use the entire thing. I do not buy into the idea that, "To stay in good condition, the print heads must be kept filled with ink," and to do that they can't let you use all the ink. Why can't they just give some kind of warning that will tell the person that the ink is getting low? Then it would be up to the user to make sure they have enough ink and whether or not to stop or let it run out.


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