Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Rules for Technology

20 years ago the idea of a remote would have been wonderful technology. The idea of satellite t.v. would have been unconceivable. Now we complain that there nothing on t.v. when we have over 100 channels to watch. What is wrong with us. What is good technology today will not be good technology 10 years from now. If cars are not good technology, then how are we supposed to get to work. We can talk to anyone around the country. We can find out world news in seconds. What do we have to complain about? Don't get me wrong, I am glad that technology as evolved the way it has. I am sure 10 years from now I will love the way it continues to evolve. It just drives me crazy the way people complain every time something is not done for them. I am really surprised that the article said that paper books are good. Personally, sometimes I like to sit down to a good book.

I do like technology and I use it often. Who doesn't? I agree that I like things to be simple and readily available. Give me one example of something that doesn't need parts? I have never seen a radio that did not have parts. I don't know that I agree with that part of the article. In some way everything has parts or it wouldn't be able to be put together. The bottom line for me is this: Technology is not dependable. Ever. We need to take it, use it, and change with it, but not depend on it.

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