Monday, June 14, 2004

Technology Integration in Schools

The Beacon School District has the right idea! The way they use the interactive portal is an exceptional use of technology. It allows the entire community to work together. I really think that in 10 years or so most schools will be going toward this example. The use of the internet is so wide-spread. For many people, the internet is their number one means of communication.

As a parent I would love the interactive portal. For starters, it would give me an open communication to talk to my son's teachers at my convenience. I also like the idea that I can make sure he is going to class and that he is on time. If my son had to miss a day of school I could easily make sure he made up his assignments.

As a teacher it would be hard to find the time to set everything up. However, I would find the time. Once everything is up and running, then my life would be so much easier. The students would not have any excuse to not do their work. Even if they were absent they still have the assignments. My ability to communicate with parents would be more open. I have such a hard time talking to some of the parents. Some seem as though they do not have the time to come to school or answer the phone. However, with e-mail, I can e-mail them at my convenience and they can e-mail me back at their convenience.

Overall, the interactive portal is wonderful. It would take a lot of work. But with the community helping out, it could be fun. I cannot find any cons to this project. What I do find is an open communication with parents that was created by the students with the community and school facilitating.

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