Friday, June 04, 2004

Technology Standards

Isn't technology wonderful? School standards evolve for every subject including math, english, reading, social studies, and many more. Now we have standards for technology. Not only are there student standards, but there are standards for teachers and administrators. The teachers make sure the students are meeting there standards. The administrators evaluate the teachers. IT is the administrators job, not only to make sure teachers meet their standards, but that they have an environment in which those standards can be meet. Do I believe these standards are being met in all the school districts. Sadly enough, no. Many teachers are still scared of technology and have not had the experience they need in order to teach it.

As stated on the The National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) website, the standards for students are broken down into 6 categories. It begins at "Basic operations and concepts" and ends at "Technology problem-solving and decision-making tools". These standards are for k-12 grades. It is the responsibility of the teacher to make them developmentally appropriate. As a summary of what students are expected to do, the students will be able to demonstrate that they know how to turn on/off the computers, use the mouse and keypad, and other basic computer knowlede. They then go to demonstrating ethnically use of the computer and using it for lifelong learning. After that the students should be able to produce their own creative works and collaborate with others. The last two skills are to use the computer to do research and to solve problems.

As stated before, teachers also have standards they have to meet. I think the state has them for teachers so that they can hold teachers accountable for teaching technology. This is a good thing. Teachers need to be held accountable, to a certain extent, for teaching their students. I am going to give what I feel are high-points for teacher standards. Like students, teachers are expected to have a basic knowledge of computers and continue to become more knowledgeable about them. It is the teachers job to take their knowledge and incorporate it to a developmentally appropriate lesson. It is also the teachers job to locate sites that are suitable for their students and create an environment in which the students can learn. The teachers are to evaluate the students and assess them using technology. This can include spreadsheets, databases, graphs, etc. The teachers also need to communicate with parents via the computer. I really wish I did more than that. It would save so many copies of paper if I could email my notes that I send home weekly. Also, I had at least 2 parents that were constantly on the internet. I could have instant messaged them instead of calling them on the phone. The last thing the teachers must do provide a fair and calm envenoming in which all learners can learn no matter what kind of backward or handicaps.

Administrator standards are new to me. I realized they had to make sure there schools met standards. I never thought about them haven's their own standards. It is the administrators job to make sure the teachers have a background in which they can teach. As well as making sure that the school system has a technology plan in place and facility that plan. They are to model to the teachers how to use the computers for data and as an educational tool. The admonition use the computer to communicate with parents, other staff members, and people on the national and state level. The also evaluate the plan to make sure it is being used correctly.

I feel like this a system of checks and balances. Everyone making sure everyone else is doing their job. Although, it should already be like this, it isn't always the case. Many teachers are like students. They will get away with doing as little as possible and we should be help accountable for what we are doing. The state Departments Technology Standards are something that should be easily met. That is if the students, teachers, and administrators do their job.

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